The end-to-end supply chain infrastructure solutions.

We coordinate global logistics, empowering businesses to ship anywhere, from and to Nigeria


The end-to-end supply chain
infrastructure solutions.

Established as a reliable outsourcing ally for esteemed blue-chip enterprises. Distinguished for pioneering cutting-edge warehouse automation and robotics solutions.

Crafting personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of ecommerce, retail, and industrial sectors.

Possessing the capacity, adaptability, and proficiency to ensure consistently excellent outcomes.

Devoted to creating a top-notch work environment for our diverse team, emphasizing a world-class workplace experience.


The end-to-end supply chain
infrastructure solutions.

At Westport 360 Logistics, we specialize in providing comprehensive logistics solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our expertise and innovative approach enable us to cater to the unique demands of each sector we serve. Below is an overview of the key industries we support:

Oil and Gas

Precision logistics for secure, timely, and cost-effective transportation and storage, meeting stringent regulatory requirements from upstream to downstream.


Expert handling of pharmaceuticals and chemicals with secure, compliant, and efficient logistics solutions preserving product quality and integrity.


Agile supply chain solutions optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring speedy delivery of FMCG products from source to shelf.


Innovative agricultural logistics covering the entire supply chain, maximizing freshness, reducing waste, and ensuring efficient distribution from farm to table.


Storage Facilities


Square feet of
warehouse space




Team members


Proficient authorities
in logistics.

Our team is deeply entrenched in the world of logistics, with our leaders bringing decades of experience in delivering technology-driven solutions for complex logistics challenges. We operate as dependable partners alongside the globe's most prosperous companies, fully committed to collaboration and excellence.

At Westport 360 Logistics, our dedicated team of experts tailors logistics solutions to meet the unique demands of each sector we serve, ensuring excellence in every delivery.


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