We provide end-to-end supply chain
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At Westport 360 Logistics, we specialize in providing comprehensive logistics solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our expertise and innovative approach enable us to cater to the unique demands of each sector we serve. Below is an overview of the key industries we support:

We can take care of all customers’ supply chain needs and a range of outsourced and integrated supply chain solutions. Across our four sectors we can make sure we add value and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Supply Chain

At Westport 360 Logistics, we offer comprehensive logistics and supply chain management from a single source, ensuring your operations are both efficient and sustainable. Through detailed analysis and strategic planning, we develop solutions tailored for your success. Our digital platform, myWestport360, provides real-time oversight of your logistics operations, enhancing transparency and control. For any inquiries or personalized support, our dedicated team is always ready to assist, turning logistics challenges into your competitive edge.


Westport 360 Logistics offers a comprehensive suite of transport solutions spanning land, air, sea, and rail to unlock your market potential worldwide. With over 180 locations, cutting-edge technology, and decades of expertise, we ensure efficient, timely, and safe delivery of your cargo. Specializing in complex routes to Central Asia and China, our East Plus service leverages deep regional knowledge and a robust network. For oversized or nonstandard goods, our Projects & Break Bulk team expertly manages the logistics of extraordinary transports, ensuring precision and reliability in every move.

Warehouse Logistics &

Experience intelligent systems, bespoke solutions, and cutting-edge technology tailored to your warehouse logistics and fulfillment needs. Our comprehensive package includes storage, order processing, picking, packaging, shipping, returns logistics, and customizable add-on services. By entrusting these operations to us, you gain flexibility, efficiency, and the freedom to concentrate fully on your core business. Discover how our solutions can optimize your operations.

Platform-as-a Service

With Westport 360 Logistics, traditional logistics undergoes a transformative shift as businesses gain the ability to outsource their logistics with ease. Through Logistics as a Service (LaaS), a simple click grants access to our pool of well-trained and professional staff. Our experts oversee every aspect of your transportation network, managing inbound and outbound logistics from production to end consumers. From reverse logistics to freight movement, customer shipments, inventory management, and office relocations, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.


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We offer core Transport/Transportation
Logistics services

Ensuring the seamless movement of goods is the
fundamental principle underpinning our operations at Westport 360 Logistics.

Land Transport

Unlock your international market potential with our comprehensive land transport solutions. Leveraging 180 company-owned locations and years of expertise, we're your reliable partner for overland cargo needs. Discover more about how we can enhance your operations.

Air Freight

Trust your airborne cargo with us for cost-efficient, timely, and pristine delivery worldwide. Our air freight specialists utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure your goods are handled with utmost care, around the clock.

Sea Freight

For container cargo or specialized transport, rely on our seasoned sea freight services. As a proven carrier, we ensure professional and swift shipment deliveries through any global port of your choosing.

Rail Logistics

Explore the efficient alternative of rail logistics with our extensive solutions. Complementing our road haulage offerings, we facilitate smart transport pooling across the "Iron Silk Road" from Asia to Europe, to European seaports, and within Austria via the Orange Combi Cargo block train. Learn more about our innovative rail products!

East plus

Specializing in transports to Central Asia and China, our Gebrüder Weiss Competence Center East Plus harnesses established Middle Corridor routes, a robust partner network, and deep regional expertise. Benefit from our experience in navigating the unique infrastructure, legal, and cultural landscapes of these nations.

Projects and Break Bulk

For the transport of nonstandard goods, our Projects & Break Bulk experts handle the spectacular with ease. Whether it's oversized steel components, entire factories, yachts, or special vehicles, we're equipped to manage your most challenging loads.


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